In the recent past, there have been more than enough reasons not to invest in Sherwood Park Realtor. However, investing in brick and mortar is still the most solid and rewarding investment. If you had lost faith in real estate, here are reasons that should change your mind.

Its Value is Ever Increasing

All over the world, the value of real estate is ever increasing even when the economy is at its worst. For example, the value of real estate in Australia has increased at an average rate of 11% PA since 1926. Its value increased even throughout the Second World War. In the US, its value increased during the Great American Depression as other sectors of the economy took a beating. In fact, the people who became rich during the depression had invested heavily in real estate.


It Easy to Begin

Unlike other types of investments, investing in Sherwood Park Realtor is easy. In fact, you do not need any specialist knowledge to begin. All you need to do is to buy a house to live in. Actually, most well known real estate investors bought a house to live in, then sold it when its value shot up.

Bank loan with Sherwood Park Realtor

Lenders of all kinds love real estate and can easily give you funding using real estate as security. This is so because real estate hardly loses value. Most banks can give you up to 95% of the value of a residential property.

With Property, you are the Boss

To invest in shares, you need to hire a broker. In addition, the value of shares is extremely sensitive to factors such politics that change every day. Stocks are also affected by decisions made by the company’s management. With property, you have control your asset and is less sensitive to external factors.

Adding Value to Property is Easy

Adding value to a property is easy and affordable. You can buy an old house, renovate it and sell it at profit. After living in a home for a long time, you can add value to it by simply painting and renovating the bathrooms. In the real estate market, cosmetic renovations influence price a lot.

There is something for everyone

It is not true that real estate is expensive and that is only a preserve of the rich. The value of property depends on location. Real estate located in towns and well developed places are generally expensive. However, this does not have to prevent you from investing in Sherwood Park Realtor as you can buy a cheaper property in a less developed area. Remember that all well developed areas were once less developed.

Properties also fit different investment strategies for different people. For long-term investors, they can just buy now and wait for its value to appreciate. Those than need a regular income can invest in rentals. For those who want to leave a solid investment for their children, property is the way to go.

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